Thanks to the generous sponsorship of Law Partners, VESS is bringing the Ocean Film Festival World Tour to Vanuatu as a fund-raiser for marine conservation. We are holding one screening on Friday 17th May, Endangered Species Day.

Standard Ticket Vt1,100

Gold Class Vt2,800

Tickets are available from Big Blue Dive shop on the seafront.

Dive into the Depths of the 11th Annual Ocean Film Festival World Tour – A Celebration of the Sea from Above and Below

The Ocean Film Festival World Tour, now in its 11th year, is back with a captivating lineup of awe-inspiring films that explore the wonders of the ocean from both aerial and underwater perspectives. This year promises to be the most exhilarating yet, with seven films set to grace the silver screen.


25 minutes : Netherlands

Dive deep into the mysterious melodies of “The Whale Song,” a captivating documentary that unlocks the enigmatic communication of humpback whales. Beyond their renowned songs lies a thrilling revelation – these majestic creatures ingeniously remix each other’s tunes, creating global hits beneath the ocean waves. Narrated by the esteemed marine biologist Nan Hauser, the film draws an electrifying parallel between the musical genius of DJ Sam Feldt and the whales’ haunting harmonies. As Feldt transforms whale songs into chart-topping human beats, an extraordinary synergy between nature and art unfolds. Hauser’s riveting personal encounter with a benevolent whale adds a touch of suspense, echoing the deep connection between humans and marine life. “The Whale Song” is not merely a documentary; it’s a sensory and emotional journey with visually stunning cinematography, compelling storytelling, and a harmonious blend of music and nature, making it a standout in the world of short documentaries.


22 minutes : UK

“Two Kinds of Water ” plunges audiences into the heart of Senegal’s fishing community, where lives intertwine with the unpredictable rhythms of the ocean. This documentary ventures into the 5,500km coastline of West Africa, home to diverse and perilous fishing grounds sustaining eight million lives. In a country named ‘our boat,’ skills are passed down through generations, but climate change, overfishing, and territorial disputes cast ominous shadows. This cinematic journey encapsulates the struggle for survival in one of Africa’s most perilous fishing communities, evoking emotions that resonate with the pulse of the ocean and the challenges it presents.


7 minutes : Australia

Embark on an exhilarating underwater adventure with Ray Lewis, OAM, as he dives into the vibrant marine sanctuary he passionately safeguards. Picture crystal clear shallow waters teeming with life, sandstone reefs hiding secrets, mysterious sea caves, and captivating rock pools – welcome to the aquatic wonderland of Ricketts Point in Port Phillip Bay, Victoria. With every snorkel, Ray unveils the extraordinary world he has dedicated his efforts to preserve. Get ready for a thrilling plunge into the depths, where each ripple tells a tale of marine magic, and every encounter with sea creatures becomes a heart-pounding discovery


8 minutes : Australia

Get ready for a tidal wave of adventure with ‘Spike Surfs’! Meet Spike, the Melbourne marvel, who transformed from a land-loving pup to a bona fide surfing sensation. This heartwarming film takes you on a journey, tracing Spike’s humble beginnings to his passionate love affair with the ocean. Watch in awe as Rob, Spike’s fearless human, becomes his surf sensei, guiding him through gnarly waves and epic wipeouts. ‘Spike Surfs’ is more than a surfing documentary; it’s a tribute to the unbreakable bond created between dogs and their humans because of the beauty of the ocean.


8 minutes : USA

Dive into the transformative world of Tess Felix, where plastic debris evolves into vibrant portraits that echo a narrative of oceans in crisis. In her latest series, ‘Ocean Eco Heroes,’ Felix immortalises activists dedicated to curbing the relentless surge of plastic waste. Each composition is meticulously crafted over extended periods, mirroring the gradual degradation of our marine havens under the ceaseless assault of plastic bottles, trinkets, and miscellaneous fragments.


32 minutes : Tahiti

Gain a first-person perspective of the exhilaration of riding the giant waves of Tahiti.  This visual and auditory feast will transport you to the heart of the barrelling crystal clear waves of Teahupo’o.  Honoured as the “best short film” in numerous festivals, this cinematic marvel immerses audiences in the captivating spectacle of Teahupo’o without the distraction of music or unnecessary chatter. Experience the raw beauty and power of mother nature in its unfiltered, awe-inspiring glory.


62 minutes


Filmmaker: Jackson Speed

“Ice Maiden” immerses viewers in the audacious quest of Australian solo-sailor Lisa Blair, determined to rewrite history by becoming the first woman to circumnavigate Antarctica solo, non-stop, and unassisted. Challenging both her limits and nature’s fury, Lisa’s confidence is tested as unforeseen perils threaten her journey. In a gripping tale of resilience, courage, and the relentless pursuit of a singular goal, “Ice Maiden” invites audiences to experience the unforgiving Southern Ocean through Blair’s eyes. As she battles treacherous seas and unexpected obstacles, the film unfolds as a thrilling cinematic adventure, leaving audiences on the edge of their seats, questioning the boundaries of human achievement.

About the Ocean Film Festival Tour

The Ocean Film Festival Tour is an annual event that showcases a selection of the world’s most stunning ocean-themed films. Now in its 11th year, the festival continues to inspire, entertain, and educate audiences about the beauty and challenges of the oceans. For more information, visit All proceeds from the Vanuatu screening will go to marine conservation in Vanuatu.