In 2014 VESS successfully applied for a capacity building grant from The Critical Ecosystem partnership Fund (CEPF). The project that this grant supported was entitled: “Supporting the Vanuatu Environment Science Society in its first year of operation including a project to develop dugong and seagrass educational materials”.

VESS was formed in September 2014 and this project supported the establishment of the organisation including putting in place systems for accounting, project management and governance as well as systems for  disseminating information, including this website and our social media outlets.

The main activity for the project was to develop education materials and tools for the conservation of seagrass beds and dugong in Vanuatu.  We produced 3 posters, one on seagrasses, one on dugongs and one on some of Vanuatu’s threatened species. We also produced a book on dugongs and seagrasses and their conservation. All these materials are available to download in both English and Bislama. Click here to see the posters and booklets

This project is funded by Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund (CEPF) and supported by International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Oceania.

new_project_dugong new_project_seagrass