VESS has an opening for an Australian volunteer

There is an opportunity to volunteer for VESS. If you are Australian and have experience in ecotourism or threatened species management then you may be interested in this assignment. Applications close on 21st March. Here is a description of the position:

Take a walk on the wild side and help conserve Vanuatu’s threatened species and ecosystems whilst improving the livelihoods of the local community!

Vanuatu lies in the East Melanesian Islands hotspot for Biodiversity and has a high number of endemic species and iconic species such as dugongs and sea turtles. There are untapped opportunities to develop ecotourism products based on this natural wealth. However there is a fine balance between tourism helping threatened species and causing them or communities harm. Your expertise will shift the balance in favour of conservation whilst improving local livelihoods.

VESS is a young organisation and our aim is to use science as a tool for conservation in Vanuatu and to encourage Ni-Vanuatu scientists. VESS is currently implementing the Dugong and Seagrass Conservation project, a global GEF-funded project involving eight developing countries. We are also working on a CEPF-funded project to increase awareness of threatened species in Vanuatu. Ecotourism potential involving these animals and plants will be explored under these projects and incorporated into workshops derived to communities.

You will identify potential ecotourism products involving wildlife that could improve livelihoods of people. You will help develop guidelines and codes of conduct for tourism operators to improve the livelihoods of these animals and plants, and the people who share their habitats. You will also investigate opportunities for “voluntourism” as a sustainable mechanism for funding conservation programs to protect Vanuatu’s threatened species.

In your role you will help the VESS Ni-Vanuatu scientists, officers in the Department of Tourism and community members better understand the benefits and pitfalls of ecotourism involving wildlife. – See more at:

Find the details of the assignment here: Wildlife_Ecotourism_Advisor

If you are interested find out how to apply via this link.