Dugong and Seagrass Exhibiton

at the

National Archive

Opening 3pm on Monday 21st August

Then open 8.30am until 4pm Monday to Friday

until 1st September

Dugongs are one of the most iconic animals to be found in Vanuatu’s waters. But they are vulnerable to extinction. They rely entirely on their seagrass habitat to survive. Learn more about these majestic creatures and Vanuatu’s efforts to conserve them.

Everyone is welcome to come along and explore. There will be displays, activities, quizzes and games – something for everyone adults and kids.

Did you know that seagrasses can hold more carbon than the same area of amazon rainforest? Seagrass meadows are important habitats for lots of marine life. Find out what creatures live there and how seagrasses help us to combat climate change.

This exhibition is organised by VESS as an activity of the Dugong and Seagrass Conservation Project (D&SCP) . The D&SCP global project is executed by the Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund with financing from the GEF, implementation support by UN Environment and technical support from the CMS Dugong MoU Secretariat. In Vanuatu the project is implemented by VESS in partnership with DEPC and VFD with additional funding from the Critical Ecosystem partnership Fund.