On World Oceans Day we launched the Daisy the Dugong animation. This short animation created for us by Konnect demonstrates what to do when you are lucky enough to see a dugong. This is the first 3D animation conceived, created and published in Vanuatu and we are grateful to Konnect for choosing our important message about dugong conservation for this project. 
Vanuatu is known as a place where you can see and interact with dugongs in the wild. But inappropriate tourism interaction is a potential threat to dugongs. Dugongs can be easily frightened, and if they have an unpleasant encounter, they may choose to avoid people. We want every encounter to be a positive experience for the dugong as well as for us, so we have created guidelines to ensure that our interactions do not harm dugongs and they remain healthy.  The guidelines are for anyone who may encounter dugongs, from fishers to water taxi drivers, from kayakers to divers. The code of conduct is for all sectors of the tourism sector where dugongs maybe encountered, from islands bungalows to large resorts, to tour operators, not just for those with a dugong tour. We know they are already being used high end resorts and by local guides with dug-out canoe tours. But we would still like as many people as possible to be exposed to the guidelines. Which is why we are very grateful that Konnect offered to make this animation. The character of Daisy the Dugong has been created and you will see her advocating for her own species. But this is just a taster of could be possible for the character of Daisy, as she could be a great ambassador for the oceans and has the ability and appeal to spread all sorts of messages far and wide. Please help Daisy to spread the message of what to do when you meet a dugong by sharing this animation widely in your networks. If you would like to explore having an animation made for your cause, business or project, get in touch with Konnect. 
The full guidelines are available by clicking here.