Pick it up, count it, keep it clean

It is 12 months since the Vanuatu government banned plastic shopping bags, polystyrene takeaway containers and plastic straws. We would like to know how successful the ban has been so we are asking everyone to do a litter pickup and data collection at the end of June. Join in the  PKK campaign, do a cleanup in your area between 28th June and 1st July and  get the chance to enter a prize drawer. All you need to do to enter is send your completed data sheet back to VESS.

Pikimap, Kaontem, Kipim Klin

Hemi 12 manis naoia we gavmen i bin banem plastik bag. Taswe mifala askem everiwan blong mekem wan klinap long en blong June mo rekodem data. Joenem PKK kampen mo mekem wan Klinap long 28, 29 o 30 June o 1 Julae mo yu gat janis long winim praes. Yu mas pikemap doti, filimaot datasheet mo givem datasheet long VESS long enterem kompetisen.

Rubbish that gets dumped or washed into the oceans is a serious problem for wildlife and human health. Plastic especially as it doesn’t degrade, but breaks into smaller pieces until we cannot see it, but it is still there poisoning the animals who live in the ocean and people through the seafood we eat! By making sure our rubbish doesn’t enter the ocean, we can help keep our marine life and local communities safe.

Between the 28th June and 1st July cleanup the area around your community school of workplace.

Ol toti we yumi sakem long solwota o taem reva mo sofmat i wasem toti i go long solwota hemi putum bigfala denja long ol anamol long solwota mo long helt blong ol man. Ol plastic oli no save roten be i brokbrok kasem we yumi no save lukim. Ol smolsmol pisis blong plastik ia oli stap posenem ol anamol long solwota mo yumi tu taem yumi kakae ol anamol ia. Taem yumi mekem sua se ol toti i no go long solwota, yumi stap helpem laef andanit long solwota mo komuniti i stap sef.

Long 28, 29 o 30 June 0 1 Julae mekem wan Klinap long komuniti o skul o ples blong wok blong yu.

By collecting data on the litter we find in our coastal areas, we can determine what types of rubbish, and how much, are entering our waterways. This helps policymakers as well as highlight to community members how they can best tackle the marine debris problem in Vanuatu. Click here to download the data sheet. French and Bislama data sheets are also available.

Fill out the data sheet wen you do your cleanup. Send the data sheet to VESS – you can take a photo and upload it onto our Facebook page to scan and email it to us at martika@vanuatuconservation.org. All fully filled out data sheets will go into the prize drawer.

Taem yumi kaontem ol toti long ol eria klosap long sho bambae yumi faenemaot wanem kaen toti yumi stap mekem everitaem mo hamas we yumi stap sakem. Infomesen we yumi tekem bambae i helpem ol man we oli raetem ol rul mo ol man long komuniti blong daonem problem blong toti we i stap long solwota. Yu save findem datasheet long ples ia

Fillimap ol data sheet. Sendem datasheet long VESS – tekem pija mo putum long facebook pej blong VESS, semdem long email-martika@vanuatuconservation.orgOl datasheet we hemi complete bambae gat janis long winim praes.

Cleaning up once a year is not enough! To reduce our waste and keep our ocean clean we need to reduce the amount of waste we make. We also have to make sure the rubbish we do generate is disposed of in the right place so it doesn’t end up in our rivers and beaches.

Keep your areas clean and take a photo one week later before the 9th July. Post your photo on the VESS Facebook page for you second chance to wi prizes.

I no inaf blong mekem kilinap long wan yia! Blong daonem toti mo kipim solwota i kiln, yumi mas daonem namba blong ol toti we yumi stap mekem. Yumi mas mekemsua blong sakem ol toti long stret ples blong hem blong i no kasem ol riva o sanbis.

Kipim ples blong yu klin mo tekem wan foto long 9 Julae. Sendem foto ia long facebook pej blong VESS mo yu gat wan nara janis long winim praes.

1st prize: If you hand in your data sheet you have the chance to win: A wheelbarrow, bush knife, spade, rake, hat and more!

2nd prize: If you post your photo to the VESS Facebook page of your area still clean one week after your cleanup you have the chance to win: Bucket, spade, rake and more!

We are working with mango Green Force and if you do a cleanup in or near Port Vila and you register your cleanup BEFORE 28th June, we will come and pick up the rubbish you collected and your data sheets on 2nd July.  For this you MUST call VESS on 35214 or email martika@vanuatuconservation before the end of business on 28th June.

Praes No1: Bambae yu gat janis taem yu givim datasheet: wilbaro, busnaef, sped, rek, hat mo sam narafala moa

Praes No2: Bambae yu gat janis taem yu putum foto long facebook pej blong VESS: baket, sped, rek, mo sam narafala moa.

Mifala wok wetem Pango Green Force. Supos yu mekem wan klinap klosap long Vila mo rejisterem klinap blong yu long VESS bifo 28 June, bae mifala kam mo pikimap doti we yu kolectem mo datasheet long 2 Julae. Yu mas kolem VESS long 35214 or email martika@vanuatuconservation BIFO 28 June.